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I’m so glad you’re here! I am passionate about helping women who are struggling with fear and anxiety. In other words, I love helping women say a big F U to fear! So if you are a woman(of any age) who struggles with anxiety, self-worth, motivation, or just all around not having your sh*t together, you may be in the right place. 

Fear manifests itself in many forms. And for women, it can be especially insidious. Not only do you have the unrelenting pressure from society to look a certain way, have a perfect relationship, land the perfect job, etc. etc. etc., you also have the pressure from yourself to accomplish these things. And then there are often the after effects of past traumas, or just negative events, that have affected how you react to things in the present day. Sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster that you can’t get off. 

But here’s the thing…….as much as we would like to totally eradicate fear from our lives, it can actually play a helpful role. I know, I know, you’re probably saying, Beth, how is fear helpful when I’m up all night worrying and can’t fall asleep? Or when I can’t concentrate during a test? Or when it keeps me from pursuing my dreams? Ok, I agree, it totally sucks sometimes and can definitely feel paralyzing. But if we can learn how to harness and transform that anxious energy into healing and motivation, there is nothing we can’t do. Fear does its best to keep us safe, but we can always tell fear that it doesn’t need to try so hard because we’ve got this! 

So if you are a woman who is struggling with anxiety or past events that keep you from enjoying your life in the present, you Are in the right place. I specialize in helping women realize their worth and get motivated to live their most fabulous lives. Right here and now!

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