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Welcome to my site! I’m so glad you are here. Just the fact that you are here means that you are at least considering the possibility of health, healing, and success in your life. And that is Very exciting to me! It’s not only exciting to me because I am extremely passionate about helping people find and enjoy the best versions of themselves, but it is also exciting because I know what it feels like to be at the doorstep of change. It’s scary and exhilarating all at once.  I know these feelings, and find great joy in helping others navigate through them, just as I have done in my life.

I have been a psychotherapist for 15 years, beginning in Corning, NY, where I worked with trauma therapy and general counseling, until I moved to the New River Valley in 2015, and began work with the local Community Mental Health Center. In 2016 I took the leap into private practice in Blacksburg, VA. And I remain here, enjoying every minute of helping each one of my clients process and gain mastery over traumatic events in their lives, issues with depression or anxiety, and even more complex issues. And when I say I enjoy my work, I mean what I say. I look forward to meeting with my clients every day and trying to figure out the best methods to help them.

My approach to therapy might be seen as a little eclectic and holistic. I like seeing results, so I tend to not focus on endless talk therapy that never seems to get anywhere. I utilize approaches such as EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Depth Oriented Brief Therapy. 

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